• American Red

    A great vape if you like straight-up tobacco flavor. It’s bold and earthy … Read More

  • Black Cherry

    Why "Black" Cherry? Cause it’s intense and made with a dash of Voodoo. … Read More

  • Blueberry

    Enjoy fresh-off-the-shrub blueberry boldness. Just one draw and you’ll say, … Read More

  • Charm

    With fresh ripe Strawberries and Juicy Watermelons, Charm has a perfect … Read More

  • Cinnamon

    Like the waftings of the holiday season, our cinnamon is richly mellow.  … Read More

  • Double Apple

    You had better like apples, ‘cause there’s a reason it’s called “double.” … Read More

  • Energy Flavor

    It’s vibrant, clean and indescribably good—so we called it Energy. This is … Read More

  • Gold Tobacco

    Our gold tobacco, while still bold, captures the subtler notes of the … Read More

  • Illusion

    Did you think breakfast vapes were old news? Think again, you will love … Read More

  • Invoke

    Prepare you taste buds for this Sweet Pear with a Light Whipped Cream. We … Read More

  • Java

    A surprisingly rich burst of javapallooza. It’s like a cup o’ joe in your … Read More

  • Mango

    Yah mon, it’s tropical goodness as interpreted by Voodoo. You’ll … Read More