Prior Hookah Products

  • Atomic Orange

    What makes it atomic? There is the intense citrusy orange flava with notes … Read More

  • Butane Pencil Torch

    Compact Butane TorchSelf IgnitionEasy to Handle Visible Fuel WindowLight … Read More

  • Cool Zest (Lemon/Mint)

    When you cross the freshness of the lemon with ze’ breathiness of mint, … Read More

  • Garden of Eden

    The earth, the Garden and the apple—this Voodoo shisha hits all the notes … Read More

  • Junior 1.8M Hose

    Read More

  • Passion Spell (Passion Fruit)

    Passion Fruit is one of those flavors that tastes like a bunch of other … Read More

  • Wet Kiss Mango

    A salivary activatin’ blend. Quality tobacco infused with dense tropical … Read More