• Bewitched Blueberry

    This is an all American blend with leaf from the North American tobacco … Read More

  • Black Magic (Blackberry)

    Of all the berries in the berry kingdom, it is the berry of blackness that … Read More

  • Caribbean Cruise

    This is a wicked tropical fruit salad, with essence of strawberry, kiwi, … Read More

  • Chill Berry (Blueberry / Mint)

    Yup! This is a blend that works in unexpected ways. There are subtle notes … Read More

  • Fuzzy Berry (Kiwi / Strawberry)

    True enough, the kiwi is physically fuzzy, and in this shisha blend it … Read More

  • Grape Frost (Grape / Mint)

    This is a combo that makes an unexpectedly refreshing shisha blend. Maybe … Read More

  • Guava Sunrise (Guava / Orange)

    The tropical, and somewhat enigmatic, goodness of guava is apparent. This … Read More

  • Jungle Dream (Pineapple / Orange)

    Aside from the fact that neither a pineapple nor an orange grows in the … Read More

  • Mint Mojo

    Sure it’s minty, but there are some other herbal notes that give it that … Read More

  • Pina Colada

    Yes. It is the expected coconut and pineapple; they are both represented … Read More

  • Pineapple Breeze

    When the Westerly’s blow across Maui in August, the scent of pineapple is … Read More

  • Purple Daze (Grape)

    This ain’t no wimpy white grape.  This is as deep a purply grape … Read More