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Q: How do I change flavors for a crystal tank?

We recommend using a new tank for each new flavor, otherwise the flavors will mix together in the crystal tank. Voodoo has three-pack replacement tanks available.

Q: What is a top coil atomizer?

The atomizer is located at the top of the tank. The e-liquids can be conveniently filled from the top of the tank, so there is less spillage and ease of attaching to the batter

Q: What is a bottom coil atomizer?

The atomizer is located at the bottom of the tank. Having the coil at the bottom of a tank ensures that the steel wick remains saturated with liquid. It is easy to refill and will not leak. Also there is no wasted e-liquid in the tank.

Q: What is the 510 ego thread on the battery?

This type of connection ensures that the battery and cartomizer is sealed and secured. The ego battery style is one of the most popular models on the market today, which makes it easy to find replacements.

Q: What if my Cartomizer isn't working with my Battery?
  1. Empty the Crystal Tank and disassemble your device.
  2. Connect the Base Cartomizer to the Battery.
  3. Using a pen, push the open post until you feel it touching the center of the battery.
  4. Remove the Drip Tip from the Coil Tube Cartomizer.
  5. Connect the Coil Tube Cartomizer to the Base Cartomizer.
  6. Add one small drop of E-Liquid to the Coil Tube. WARNING: Do not exceed one drop. Adding more than one drop may cause your device to fail.
  7. Press and hold the power button. Listen closely and you should hear the sizzling of the E-Liquid
Q: Charging Your Device

Charge fully before use. Screw barrel onto charger. Plug charger into USB power source. Red battery LED light will flash 3x then remain solid red while charging.

Q: Filling the Crystal Cartomizer

Unscrew mouthpiece and pour E-Liquid down the interior side of the cartomizer tank, taking care not to soak the atomizer in the center. Fill to between 1.4ml and 1.6ml, do not fill beyond 1.6ml. Replace mouthpiece. Wait 2-3 minutes for E-Lixer to absorb into coil, then, without depressing the power button, draw on the mouthpiece to saturate the stainless steel wick

Q: Turning Device On / Off

Press the button 5x in rapid succession to turn device on / off.

LED light will blink rapidly for a second. Your device is now ready to use. When powered on, the LED light will glow blue when the button is held down. When turned off, the LED light will not glow when the button is held. It is recommended that you turn the device off prior to putting it in your pocket to prevent accidents.

Q: Enjoy a Good Vape

Depress power button and draw or inhale. Enjoy.

Q: Cleaning Your Device
  1. Disassemble the device.
  2. Use a soft wet toothbrush to gently clean all parts. Do not use anything other than water.
Q: Assembly and Disassembly — Battery with Top Loading Tank
  1. Attach the Base Cartomizer to the Battery.
  2. Attach the Coil Tube to the Base Cartomizer.
  3. Attach the Drip Tip to the top of the Coil Tube Cartomizer.
  4. Attach the Crystal Tank over the Cartomizer and the Drip Tip.
  5. Attach the Mouthpiece to the Crystal Tank.
  6. Your device is now assembled.

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